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Deb Laninga

Redwater, Alberta

Deb is a sculptor who lives and works in a small town in Alberta. After a career as a commercial pilot and missionary pilot including working in Papua New Guinea she returned to Canada to care for her terminally ill parents. She then worked for a provincial charity supporting other family caregivers emotionally and with resources information and referrals. Now she has returned to her first love, art. As a painter she found her true calling at a portraits in clay workshop in 2014 and has continued her studies with human and animal anatomy. Devoted to expressing deep emotions in 3D her work is about hope, connection, and love. She sculpts realistic figures and portraits, human and animal.
My sculptures are about the spark and spirit of a person or animal, not just their likeness. I want to bring the audience into that moment of hope, love, connection, positive self-image, faith and wonder.

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11x6x18in, Not For Sale
The Embrace
The Embrace
12x18in, C$2,850
Bronze Cold Cast Resin