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We exhibit artists on their way to the top.

Outstanding FCA member artists include...

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Lawren Harris

AY Jackson


Lawren Harris 


Emily Carr 


A.Y. Jackson


Jack Shadbolt


Alan Wylie, SFCA


Ken Prescott, SFCA


Robert Bateman, SFCA


Justin Maas, SFCA


Robert Genn, SFCA


Gordon Smith


Arthur Lismer


André Biéler  




Lawren S. Harris,

Icebergs, Davis Strait, 1930, oil on canvas, 121.9 x 152.4 cm.

Photo courtesy of McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

A.Y. Jackson,

The Red Maple, 1914, oil on canvas,82 x 99.5 cm,

Courtesy of National Gallery of Canada 




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Emily Carr, Big Raven

Emily Carr,

Big Raven, 1931, oil on canvas,  87 x 114 cm.

Photo courtesy of the V.A.G., Emily Carr Trust.

Jack Shadbolt

Jack Shadbolt,

Invaders, c. 1949-1950, Mixed Media on paper, 68.2 x 93.8cm.

Photo courtesy of Nation Gallery of Canada.


Alan Wylie

Alan Wylie, SFCA,

December Blanket, Oil on panel, 30 x 48 inches.

Photo courtesy of the artist for our exhibition


Ken Prescott, SFCA,

Beach Study #13, Collage, 30 x 40 inches.

Photo courtesy of the artist, art in our Permanent Collection.





Justin maas

Robert Genn



Justin Maas, SFCA,

A Change is Gonna Come, Pastel on paper, 14 x 24 inches.

Photo courtesy of the artist for our exhibition

Robert Genn, SFCA,

October of Skip, Acrylic, 11 x 14 inches.

Photo courtesy of the artist for our exhibition





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  gallery interior 


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"This is not just another art society, nor is it intended to replace any existing art society. It is an organization formed to unite all the artists in Canada..."

-The Vancouver Art Gallery


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  This is one of Vancouver’s best galleries. The quality and diversity of exhibitions is simply top notch. The FCA organization which runs the gallery has played a central role in Canada’s art history and ensures that every piece displayed surpasses a high standard of excellence.  

- Tim Bennison,



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The Federation Gallery on Granville Island, is a great place to experience quality Canadian artwork representing a variety of artistic styles and themes, in a casual, unpretentious environment.  

- Dale Byhre,

Collector and artist




Granville Island Press Photo

Granville Island

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Located on Vancouver's premier artist and culture hub.

The island is located in an urban, waterfront location

and steeped in a rich industrial and maritime heritage,

this unique destination attracts millions of visitors each

year from Vancouver and around the world.


Find us at:
1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, V6H 4B7

Artist painting watercolour on Granville Island



A Reputable History & The Group of Seven
Timeline of Federation Gallery   Andre Bieler


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André Biéler and members of the Group of Seven aimed to unify

the voices of the artist - strong enough to be heard from

Nanaimo to Nova Scotia

Lawren Harris, "North Shore Lake Superior". National Gallery Canada  


Lawren Harris becomes the British Columbia representative and President

of the Federation of Canadian Artists 


  Canadian Art Vol. VII, No. 1, October 1949: Ayre, Robert; Buchanan, Donald W. (Editors)  


The FCA sponsored the only national art periodical,

 "Canadian Art"

  ·February 17, 1978 A Publisher Extra Newspaper Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 50  


The FCA soon had chapters across the country and was

one of the main forces behind

the formation of the

"Canada Council"

  Allan W Edwards certificate of FCA Emeritus status signed by artist Alan Wylie  


Driven by the dynamic leader, Allan W. Edwards, expansion began,

causing a renewal of

activity in Western Canada

   Archive Photo - gallery interior  


Opened the first completely artist-sponsored "gallery, workshop and studio" in the

country to sell original artwork and sculpture

   Exterior of the Federation Gallery on Granville Island  


Today, the Federation Gallery supports our 2,800 artist members,

boasting an impressive 44

exhibitions per year



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1241 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6H 4B7


Gallery hours:
Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm
or by appointment

The Federation Gallery is a division of
The Federation of Canadian Artists
Charity 11891 3920
For more information about the Federation
please visit the artists.ca website