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SFCA Artists

Michael Abraham

Michael Abraham, SFCA

Gaye Adams

Gaye Adams, SFCA

Langley, BC

Harold Allanson

Harold Allanson, SFCA

Crofton, BC

Jennifer Annesley

Jennifer Annesley, SFCA

Edmonton, AB

Angie Au Hemphill

Angie Au Hemphill, SFCA

North Saanich, BC

Donna Baspaly

Donna Baspaly, SFCA

Qualicum Beach, BC

Linda Bell

Linda Bell, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Judi Betts

Judi Betts, SFCA

Baton Rouge, LA

Alessandra Bitelli

Alessandra Bitelli, SFCA

West Vancouver, BC

Kristina Boardman

Kristina Boardman, SFCA

Victoria, BC

Tanya Bone

Tanya Bone, SFCA

Richmond, BC

Beth Bouffard

Beth Bouffard, SFCA

Whitefish Falls, ON

Marjorie Broadhead

Marjorie Broadhead, SFCA

Calgary, AB

Mary-Jean Butler

Mary-Jean Butler, SFCA

Gibsons, BC

Dale Byhre

Dale Byhre, SFCA


A painter of both marine and landscape art, Dale Byhre is drawn to the elements of the natural world, its varied moods and atmospheres. He is inspired by both the beauty of the surrounding environment, and also the historic aspects of his maritime works.
Tinyan Chan

Tinyan Chan, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Susie Cipolla

Susie Cipolla, SFCA

Pemberton, BC

Roberta R Combs

Roberta R Combs, SFCA

Pitt Meadows, BC

Brent Cooke

Brent Cooke, SFCA

Victoria, BC

Tracey Costescu

Tracey Costescu, SFCA

Coquitlam, BC

Tracey Costescu is an award winning artist residing in British Columbia, Canada. Her work captures the emotion and atmosphere of her subject, balancing classical realism with a contemporary, atmospheric aesthetic.
Sue A Cowan

Sue A Cowan, SFCA

Coquitlam, BC

Dene Croft

Dene Croft, SFCA

North Vancouver, BC

Fred Dobbs

Fred Dobbs, SFCA

Mayne Island, BC

Lorna Dockstader

Lorna Dockstader, SFCA

Calgary, AB

Greg Dow

Greg Dow, SFCA

Sooke, BC

Allan Dunfield

Allan Dunfield, SFCA

Qualicum Beach, BC

Dale Dziwenka

Dale Dziwenka, SFCA

Victoria, BC

Charlie Easton

Charlie Easton, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Marney-Rose Edge

Marney-Rose Edge, SFCA

New Westminster, BC

Marney-Rose Edge is a Vancouver based artist who paints beauty with an air of romance. It is her true mastery that make her paintings come alive. Although Edge is well known for her watercolours, oils have become an important part of her creative process.
Ciel Ellis

Ciel Ellis, SFCA

Surrey, BC

Oil paint is my medium of choice to capture nature's beauty and inspire you to feel the beauty and radiance on the canvas.
Lynn Falconer

Lynn Falconer, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Ken Faulks

Ken Faulks, SFCA

Victoria, BC

Initially starting out as a freelance illustrator n 1984, I've been a painter, both plein air and studio, since 1989. I'm an oil guys for the most part, but love acrylic, and have recently been working in watercolour. I've exhibited regularly in galleries since 1991.
Carole Finn

Carole Finn, SFCA

Victoria, BC

Canadian painter of land, water and its inhabitants; Mediums of expression-acrylics, lithography and may other experimental techniques. Educator, mentor, curator. Educated OCADU, York U Fine Arts, HHSAD. Influenced by Impressionists - Bonnard, VanGogh; Contemporaries - Hockney, Kahn. Website shows paintings,prints, art classes Galleries and events as well as online store.
James Fletcher

James Fletcher, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Gale More O'Ferrall

Gale More O'Ferrall, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Gale is Representational Artist working predominantly in oils, acrylics & charcoal. Her developmental years were spent in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was here that she began her journey as an artist, exploring & capturing the eclectically rich landscape & people of her home.
Kenneth F Gillespie

Kenneth F Gillespie, SFCA

Penticton, BC

Michael Gilmour

Michael Gilmour, SFCA

Munich, BY

Ginny Glover

Ginny Glover, SFCA

Victoria, BC

David J Goatley

David J Goatley, SFCA

Shawnigan Lake, BC

Martine Gourbault

Martine Gourbault, SFCA

Vancouver, BC

Leslie Gregory-Morgan

Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA

Qualicum Beach, BC

Perry Haddock

Perry Haddock, SFCA

Surrey, BC

Anne-Marie Harvey

Anne-Marie Harvey, SFCA

Penticton, BC

Jennifer Heine

Jennifer Heine, SFCA

Richmond, BC

Inspired by the hunt for unexpected beauty in the everyday, Jennifer is a award-winning artist from a family of accomplished professional artists. Over the past three decades she has earned recognition, an international following and elected membership with both the FCA and SCA.
Mark Hobson

Mark Hobson, SFCA

Tofino, BC

Kiff Holland

Kiff Holland, SFCA

North Vancouver, BC

Anne Hudec

Anne Hudec, SFCA

Victoria, BC

Phillipa Hudson

Phillipa Hudson, SFCA

North Saanich, BC

Phillipa has been painting in Acrylic since 2006. Her work reflects her love of being in the outdoors either hiking or climbing in the backcountry or boating up BC's spectacular coast.
Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones, SFCA

Richmond, BC

Maria Josenhans

Maria Josenhans, SFCA

North Vancouver, BC