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Collections of Artworks created by Federation of Canadian Artists Members

Current Exhibitions

Embers Dance by Rene Thibault, AFCA

Current Exhibition

Abstracted 2023

This is our annual exhibition dedicated to abstract and semi-abstract art. In a visual explosion of colour, texture, lines and layers, artists explore the abstract realm with dynamic compositions.

Crepuscle by Monica Gewurz

Current Exhibition

Monica Gewurz

Spill the Tea by Brittany Moore

Current Online Exhibition

2023 LIMITLESS Exhibition

#836-Driftwood, Sointula by Stafford Plant

Current Online Exhibition

Stafford Plant Collection

The Federation graciously recognizes the generosity of Stafford Plant, leaving us a meaningful Legacy Gift containing hundreds of paintings for sale from his oeuvre. The FCA is honoured by his contribution to Canada’s art history and our organization.

Past Exhibitions

EVENING SURF by Andrey Pingachev, SFCA

September 2023

The 2023 Vancouver Salon

The Nude by Yanqun Xue

August 2023

2023 Annual International Representational Exhibition

Mantis Rocker by Yaron Bareli

July 2023

On the Edge 2023

Badass Betty by Feral Nifty, SFCA

July 2023

2023 Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition

Fifty One Shades of Grey by Victoria Heryet

June 2023

2023 Chapter Challenge

Breaking Through by Patricia A Banks

June 2023

2023 Landscapes Exhibition

Red, White or Rose? by Linda Bell, SFCA

May 2023

2023 Sculpture Showcase and Signature Invitational

Transformation by Carleen Ross

May 2023

Edmonton Chapter - Spring Show 2023

Wing Speed by Brent Cooke, SFCA

May 2023

2023 - Online Exhibition and Calendar Contest

Sunset over the Granville Bridge by Julia Kucherenko Sushkova

May 2023

2023 Scenes from Western Canada

Auroras in the Mountains by Audrey Bakewell, AFCA

May 2023

Fraser Valley Chapter: Out of the Dark Into the Light

Hoodoo Magic by Lori Finley

April 2023

Calgary Spring to Joy Exhibition

Memories of Summer Sunshine by Sue Bayley

March 2023

2023 Bloom Exhibition

"MANY FACES" by Gloria Ainsworth Mout, AFCA

2023 Arrowsmith Spring Exhibition

Fishing on Stilts by Sharon Lennox, SFCA

2023 Success! - Spring

The Protector by Joan Larson, SFCA

March 2023

2023 Animalis Exhibition

World in Our Hands by Bruce Kleeberger

2023 Small Exhibition

Blushing Rose by Bruce Kleeberger

March 2023

2023 Online Federation Showcase

Burrard 2 by Kathy Kelly, AFCA

February 2023

2023 Shape & Form Exhibition

A Splash of Colour - Gypsy Vanner by Laara Cassells

February 2023

2023 Artist's Choice Exhibition

Fishing Boats at the Wharf by Dale D Byhre, SFCA

January 2023

2023 Works on Paper Exhibition

Changing Channels by Zoë Evamy

January 2023

2023 Active Member Exhibition

Some breakfasts are better than others by Harold Allanson, SFCA

December 2022

2022 Ten Squared Exhibition

Hot Ride by Jori Warren

December 2022

2022 Edmonton Chapter: Winter Show