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Collections of Artworks created by Federation of Canadian Artists Members

Current Exhibitions

Lotus-scented Zen by Dayou Lu, AFCA

Current Exhibition

2024 Success! - Spring

Magic Moment by Angie Au Hemphill, SFCA

Current Exhibition

Donated Artwork

Crocosmia Red by Jan Poynter, AFCA

Current Online Exhibition

Jan Poynter

Athabasca Glacier  Abstract by Joanne Abbott

Current Online Exhibition

The Curated Collection | April & May

Spinning A Yarn by Jennifer Heine, SFCA

Current Online Exhibition

2024 Online Federation Showcase

#836-Driftwood, Sointula by Stafford Plant

Current Online Exhibition

Stafford Plant Collection

The Federation graciously recognizes the generosity of Stafford Plant, leaving us a meaningful Legacy Gift containing hundreds of paintings for sale from his oeuvre. The FCA is honoured by his contribution to Canada’s art history and our organization.

Charlie Imbibes by Brenda Hughes

Chapter Exhibitions

Arrowsmith FCA Spring Exhibition

"Blue Himalayan Poppy" by Linda Sellers

Chapter Exhibitions

NOFCA Spring Show

Past Exhibitions

Robin's Patient Wait by Yuliya Alagir

April 2024

Calgary: Spring Art Show and Sale

Beached by Diane Bennett-Way

March 2024

South Okanagan: Beauty is in...

Quiet hydrangeas by Zhuo Chen

2024 Bloom

Laughing Statues by Ron Czemeres, AFCA

Ron Czemeres

Hymns to the Silence II by Andre Guyot

2024 Annual International Representational Exhibition

Storm Coming on the Prairies by Harvie Brydon AOCA, FCA

2024 Scenes From Canada

moongate, park & tilford gardens by Zenobia Turnbull

The Curated Collection | February & March

Brentwood Bay by Deborah Tilby, SFCA

2024 Artists' Choice

Mopsy by Lynda Baxter

2024 Animal Exhibition

All Poets Are Naked by Kenna Barradell

2024 Active Member Exhibition

Foerever by Marjorie Mae, SFCA

November 2023

Calgary: Winter Exhibition and Sale

Cozy Cabin 2 by Elizabeth J Austin

Ten Squared 2023

Fifty One Shades of Grey by Victoria Heryet

November 2023

Victoria: Fall Show

Copper River by Marie-Christine Claveau, AFCA

2023 Success! Fall

Turn Left or Right by Rosemarie Crerar

October 2023

Arrowsmith FCA Fall Exhbition

Winter Love Song by Sharon Lynn Williams, AFCA

October 2023

Calgary Fall Exhibition and Art Show

Navy Seal by Marilyn Hunt

Water 2023

Tea & Tears by Sam L Boehner, AFCA

Art Speaks 2023

Show-off by Karl-Heinz Durynek

2023 Nature Trust of British Columbia - Artist of the Year Award and Exhibition

Wood Nymphs at Play by Adrienne Moore, AFCA

October 2023

2023 Signature Exhibition

Mt. Rundle, Late Summer by Patricia A Banks

September 2023

Nanaimo Fine Arts Show

Homes 25 by Jiangang Sun, Homes 25

2023 LIMITLESS Exhibition

Storm on the Coast by Ian Carter

September 2023

Abstracted 2023

EVENING SURF by Andrey Pingachev, SFCA

September 2023

The 2023 Vancouver Salon