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Collections of Artworks created by Federation of Canadian Artists Members

Current Exhibitions

Breezing Through by Joyce E Benson

Current Exhibition

2022 Purely Pastel Exhibition - Pastel Artists Canada

Do Or Donut. There Is No Try. by Lorn Curry

Current Online Exhibition

Lorn Curry

Icy Shores II by Audrey Bakewell, AFCA

Current Online Exhibition

The Curated Collection | December

#836-Driftwood, Sointula by Stafford Plant

Current Online Exhibition

Stafford Plant Collection

The Federation graciously recognizes the generosity of Stafford Plant, leaving us a meaningful Legacy Gift containing hundreds of paintings for sale from his oeuvre. The FCA is honoured by his contribution to Canada’s art history and our organization.

Tranquility by Heather Hawley

Chapter Exhibitions

2022 Edmonton Chapter: Winter Show

Sunlight by Donna Kaut

Chapter Exhibitions

2022 Peace River Chapter: Beauty Defined

Past Exhibitions

On the Rocks by Michael Radford, AFCA

November 2022

2022 Water Exhibition

Morning Light in the Valley by Dale D Byhre, SFCA

November 2022

2022 LIMITLESS Exhibition

Falling Stars by Janet Ross Ketchen

October 2022

2022 Mixed Exhibition

Doug's Tree by Sue Contini, AFCA

October 2022

Success! Fall Exhibition

Black Capped Bathers by Lorn Curry

September 2022

2022 Annual International Representational Exhibition

In the Shadow of Giants by Dale D Byhre, SFCA

September 2022

The Nature Trust of British Columbia Artist of the Year Award and Exhibition 2022

Pizzazz by Grazyna Wolski, AFCA

September 2022

2022 Chapter Challenge Exhibition

Early Morning by Suzanne Sandboe, SFCA

August 2022

2022 Signature Exhibition

So Many Places by Sharon Lalonde

August 2022

2022 Abstracted Exhibition

Saturday Night Fun by Insun Kang

August 2022

Vancouver Salon 2022

The Rainbow Mosaic by Margot Cormier Splane

July 2022

2022 Pride & Centre Exhibition

The old house in the dream by Wei Sun

June 2022

On the Edge 2022

WE NEED TO TALK by Carmen Tome

June 2022

2022 Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition

Pacific Beach at Low Tide by Dale D Byhre, SFCA

May 2022

2022 Landscapes Exhibition

Soleil couchant sur la plage (Kamouraska, QC) by Julie Desmarais

May 2022

2022 Spotlight Exhibition

Blue mountains by Andrey Pingachev, SFCA

May 2022

2022 Scenes from Western Canada Exhibition

Curb Appeal by Barbara Ursel

May 2022

365 Online Exhibition 2022

Jasper Dream by Heather Beaton, AFCA

April 2022

Success! - Spring 2022

January Sunrise by Judy Schafers, AFCA

April 2022

2022 Small Exhibition

The Beauty of Simple Things. by Annette Waterbeek

March 2022

2022 Bloom Exhibition

Three Bays and a Grey by Rod Gould

March 2022

2022 Animalis Exhibition

The Captain is Still on Board by Joseph Cross

March 2022

2022 Online Federation Showcase

The Fallen by Lorn Curry

February 2022

2022 Shape & Form Exhibition

Yellow Warbler by Greg Dow, SFCA

February 2022

2022 Artists' Choice Exhibition