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Jen Tinsley

Vancouver, British Columbia

Jen Tinsley has lived in and visited many countries but finds no comparison to the beauty of Vancouver Island and the greater Vancouver area. An avid hiker, she loves to explore the abundant beaches and forests in this beautiful province. Here, she finds unending inspiration for her acrylic paintings. She enjoys playing with colour, movement, and light within a composition, aspiring to depict not simply a location but the magic, mood and feel of the adventure itself.

Jen Tinsley has a B.A. in Art/Secondary Education and has taught art in schools in the United States, Ukraine, and Canada. After living on Vancouver Island for 12 years, she has recently relocated to Vancouver, BC.

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A Brief Stop
A Brief Stop
24x30in, C$1,050
Acrylic on Canvas
Twilight's Melody
Twilight's Melody
24x30in, C$1,025
acrylic paint on canvas