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Mariam Qureshi

Edmonton, Alberta

Mariam Qureshi is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist based in Canada whose works have been featured in solo exhibitions nationally and in France, Austria, and Switzerland. In addition, her art has been featured in publications such as ARTSY Editorial Review and the television program Global News. Qureshi describes her abstract and surreal expressions as based on the marks the subject left on her or the world.
"I am inspired by nature and people, I don't use reference photos because I am not interested in depicting details but rather want to express and share the evocation of emotion, light, movement and depth." MQ

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Sienna grasses of Moss Lake Alberta
Sienna grasses of Moss Lake Alberta
36x36in, C$2,500
Acrylic Painting
Glacier Rivers of Banff
Glacier Rivers of Banff
16x16x2in, C$849
Oil painting on canvas