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Jeanne Erickson

Galiano Island, British Columbia

Jeanne has loved painting all her life. Having no formal art education she has been able to take occasional art courses as allowed by raising a family and working.

She was able to help support her young family by painting portraits and commissions of rural Alberta in the 1980s. In the ensuing decades she explored oils and watercolours through her association with the Abbotsford Water Colour Society in her spare time.

It has only been recently, since her retirement to Galiano, in the last eight years, that she has been able to devote herself to her love of painting full time. She shows her work through local galleries and venues and the Galiano Saturday market.
"When painting our long narrow island I am tuned into the rhythms of open sky and ocean that weave through the tapestry of rock and forest connecting us all"

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Hawthorn Lane
Hawthorn Lane
9x12in, C$295
Acrylic on canvas
Moonlit Arbutus Berries, Montague
Moonlit Arbutus Berries, Montague
9x12in, Sold
Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel
Dancing into the Moon
Dancing into the Moon
24x18in, C$1,189
Acrylic on Canvas
The Limits of Reach
The Limits of Reach
10x10in, Sold
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Sandstone Trail, Montague
Sandstone Trail, Montague
18x24in, C$1,200
acrylic on canvas