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Bruce Kleeberger

Surrey, British Columbia

The inspiration for Bruces’ art is the shapes and forms of the natural world. Organic contours and edges comprise his work. Whether it is beginning with a blank canvas such as a subtly translucent Carrara marble or the detailed, and complex hues of onyx, sculpture offers an infinite number of ways to view and appreciate these forms, which can be experienced mostly fully by tactile appreciation and interacting with the art. He is an active and juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Sculptors Society of BC. Bruce enjoys carving the classic human figure, inspirations drawn from nature of all kinds and satisfying the visions of his clients and collectors.
Experience shape and form of natural stone through tactile interaction.

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Catch a Wave
Catch a Wave
17x9x6in, C$2,900
Vancouver Island Marble
Sailing Waveform
Sailing Waveform
7x12x3in, C$1,250
Italian alabaster and marble base
Golden Vine
Golden Vine
18x9x10in, C$2,900
Carrarra Marble, gold leaf and turquoise inlay
Beluga Dance
Beluga Dance
Carrara Marble, Maplewood Burl and Turquoise Inlay