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Robert M Deschenes

St Hubert de Riviere du Loup, Quebec

Born on July 20, 1959 in Ville Dégelis,Temiscouata County, a great place to observe both aquatic and terrestrial fauna.
I was not intended for a career as a painter. It was while attending a collective animal art exhibition in Québec that I was deeply impressed by this type of art. Sometime later, while discussing animal art at a party with my best friend, I suddenly realized (a strong intuition) that if I admired animal artists so much, it was because I wanted to be like them. So, I made the decision that evening to start my journey in animal art. So, I started by learning to draw realistically.
Self-taught painter in animal art, I perform my work either in watercolor or acrylic, everything depends on my mood or the subject. Art of hyperrealism technique, it requires precision in the smallest details in order to represent the subject as faithfully as possible, such as : anatomy, living environments and

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Ruffed Grouse
Ruffed Grouse
24x30in, C$2,600
Acrylic on Canvas
Canada Goose
Canada Goose
16x20in, C$1,275
Acrylic on Canvas