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Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Audrey Brown Qualicum Beach, BC


Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
We also offer an installment payment program and art installation services: contact us for more details.
About the Artwork

“Out of the Ashes” references a Phoenix rising. I take a discarded, old paintings to create something entirely different and new. By painting over and re-working the painting I allow some of the old layers of color to show through. “Out of the Ashes” is a metaphor for my art, to never give up, keep trying, and believe that all is not lost if you stick with it because eventually you will have a break through and will be able to move forward. It is also part of my Reclamation theme, to re-claim, re-new and re-vitalize

Date:February 2021
Technique:Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Styles:Abstract, Impressionism
Details & Dimensions
Edition:Original, one of a kind artwork
Framed Size:25in x 33in
Weight:10.0 lb
Shipping & Purchase
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
Standard shipping is via Canada Post ground. Typically, packages sent within Canada are received in 5-12 days. For expedited shipping, please contact us for a quote.
A payment program is available with three equal installments- we can work together to support artists and your budget! Contact us for details.

Audrey Brown

Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

My art is influenced by the small communities I have lived in over the years.  My collage and abstract landscape paintings have multilayers of rich texture and bold colors that reference northern BC. I believe an artist can convey mood, feeling and emotions without using symbolism or realism.

"Life is an adventure and whatever life brings to you, good or bad it is all part of that adventure and it is up to you how you react to that adventure."

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