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Suzanne Hussey

Odessa, Ontario

Suzanne is a landscape painter who works in oils and acrylics from her home studio at Maple Ridge Farm near Kingston, Ontario, and from her summer home at Hawk Lake, Quebec.

Suzanne studied Fine Arts and Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Throughout her working career in Ottawa, and while raising her family, Suzanne kept her interests in art alive through training and practice in music, weaving, stained glass, and painting. Suzanne’s interest in painting began to dominate as she furthered her training at the Ottawa School of Art and studied with Ottawa-based landscape painter David W. Jones. Her paintings have been shown in many juried shows and exhibitions and she has won awards and recognition for her work.
My work reflects my love and respect for nature and explores the connection I feel with the natural world. I am inspired by the beauty and peace that surrounds me, studying, absorbing and interpreting the landscape and striving to capture the emotional effects that light and shadow play on it.

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Upper Field
Upper Field
20x16in, C$1,000
Oil on Canvas