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Virginia Bergmann

Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia

Born and raised in Toronto, annual excursions to cottage country nurtured a deep appreciation for the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Alone in the backseat I gazed wistfully at the passing idyllic scenes with their grassy meadows and graceful elms. Later while visiting various stately homes of friends around Toronto, or attending ballet workshops in a turreted old Victorian, I would be suddenly captured by a dark and moody landscape in gilded frame and be lulled into a quiet respite by the serene, atmospheric, ethereal glow. The emotion evoked by these experiences, dotted throughout my life's journey, have been etched on my very being. My goal is for my paintings to evoke that same feeling.
Painting in the tonalist style, I create atmospheric, moody landscapes which convey a feeling for the passage of time and evoke in the observer a sense of quietude and pensiveness. I hope to impart some lulling solace amidst the discordant clamour of this world.

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Awaken Anew
Awaken Anew
8x10in, C$200
Oil over acrylic on canvas panel
In the Morning Light
In the Morning Light
10x20x1in, C$480
Oil on mdf board
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
12x24x1in, C$580
Oil on canvas panel
Onward at Daybreak
Onward at Daybreak
9x12in, C$340
Oil over acrylic on canvas