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Harvie Brydon AOCA, FCA

Belleville, British Columbia

Harvie is a full time artists living in Belleville, Ontario (Quinte Region). Harvie is a graduate of
the Ontario College of Art (1962-1966). He taught advertising design & communications at a
community college for over 30 years.
Having graduated from the Ontario College of Art specializing in illustration and design his art
reflects his illustration training—yet, often combining a strong design element to it. He paints
realistic landscapes and portraits as well as some modern, contemporary art.
Harvie is a member of the local arts community. Harvie participates in local, regional and
National Art Exhibitions. He accepts commissions and holds one man art shows periodically.
We artists are often defined by our genres and our approach to painting. However, our approach and subject matter often has as much to do with what is currently catching our attention…or our desire to grow and try new subject matter. Art requires probing, testing, evaluating…and trial and error. I

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Edward James-Los Posaz
Edward James-Los Posaz
20x20in, C$895
Acrylic on canvas
Bum #5
Bum #5
24x24in, C$750
Acrylic on canvas
10x10in, Sold
acrylic on canvas