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Catherine Willis-O'Connor

Almonte, Ontario

Genre-style painting - in bright colours and full of joy.
Catherine paints people doing people things in settings we can all relate to. Each painting tells a story. Each painting has a unique sense of humour, the "joie de vivre" that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Self-taught, Catherine has painted all her life. A former student of the Ottawa School of Art, she is influenced by the innocence of Maud Lewis, the exactness of Joe Norris, and the story board of William Kurelek.
Catherine's family heritage includes being Billy Bishop's granddaughter, World War I flying ace, the great-great granddaughter of Timothy Eaton, the department store entrepreneur and
great-great granddaughter of Daniel O'Connor, of Bytown, now the City of Ottawa.
I PAINT JOY! Art should pay homage to our heritage. Our story. I see the integrity of our Nation's Capital gone forever, ​so I decided to record it in bright colour with lots of detail.

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We Corner The Market
We Corner The Market
12x24in, C$2,400