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Yuliya Alagir

Calgary, Alberta

Yuliya Alagir, known professionally as Alagir, was born in Tashkent, Central Asia.

From an early age, Alagir demonstrated innate artistic talent. She is a self-taught artist whose skills were developed by visiting art galleries and using those experiences to create original techniques and perspectives. Alagir’s creations reflect a broad variety of artistic media, including oils and acrylics on canvas, watercolor, murals, frescoes, jewelry-making and three-dimensional pieces. In 2019, Alagir moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she currently resides.

Alagir has been recognized in the fields of Contemporary Art. Conceptual Symbolism. Her palette is innovative and complex. She layers many colors to create a three-dimensional effect, and her paintings present themselves with a different color scheme under different lighting conditions.

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24x36in, C$9,000
acrylic, canvas
Embracing Emotions
Embracing Emotions
18x24in, C$4,000
acrylic, canvas