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Cherie Daly

Toronto, Ontario

Making abstract art is how I make sense of the world and share it with others. To me, abstract art is timeless and mysterious. It is like a hidden message that the viewer must puzzle out for themselves. It also provides a challenge of creating something out of nothing and of delving within myself to do this.

I play with paint, markers, collage, and tools such as spatulas and squeegees, exploring relationships between shapes and lines, colours and textures. I paint intuitively, responding to the marks I’ve already made. Music and movement are key to creating work that is bold, energetic and passionate. Through a playful approach and a focus on process, I make art that speaks from my soul.
Express yourself through art that is energetic and hopeful. Art attracts you by speaking to some feeling inside of you. I make art to inspire and to bring joy!

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Spring Green
Spring Green
30x30x1.5in, C$750
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
Grafitti Alley
Grafitti Alley
36x30x1.5in, C$1,500
Mixed Media on Wood Panel