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E. Laura Ouimet Edmonton, AB

Not For Sale

Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
We also offer an installment payment program and art installation services: contact us for more details.
About the Artwork

Echo is my galvanized chicken wire,
representation of a Humpback Whale calf. I've been blessed to witness up close and personal, the playfulness and joy of these beautiful creatures in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. At 6 ft. long, Echo is approximately 1/3 the size of the average newborn Humpback Whale. Wall/fence mount Chicken wire sculpture with aluminum wire details.

Date:March 2023
Technique:1" & 1/2 " Galvanized Chicken Wire, & Aluminum Wire.
Contents:Ocean, Animal, Humpback, Wire, Outdoor, Sculpture, Animal, Nature, Whale
Details & Dimensions
Edition:Original, one of a kind artwork
Unframed Size:72in x 36in x 6in
Frame:Not framed
Weight:Unknown; Contact sales for a shipping quote
Shipping & Purchase
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
Standard shipping is via Canada Post ground. Typically, packages sent within Canada are received in 5-12 days. For expedited shipping, please contact us for a quote.
A payment program is available with three equal installments- we can work together to support artists and your budget! Contact us for details.

E. Laura Ouimet

Edmonton, Alberta

Laura's art is inspired by glimpses of nature, frozen in time. Always learning and experimenting, she patiently refines her designs to capture the life and essence of her subjects. Organic shapes and forms lend themselves very well to this sturdy medium.

"Art with Heart! My ultimate desire is to capture the soul of my subject and give them substance and life."

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