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E. Laura Ouimet

Edmonton, Alberta

Laura is a mostly self taught wire Artist from Edmonton, Alberta. She challenges herself by experiment with a variety of mediums and metals. Laura's "Earth Friendly Art" introduces upcycled materials into some of her sculptures which ultimately keeps these materials out of the landfill. Her primary sculpting medium is Chicken Wire. While she has experimented with abstract human forms, being a nature lover, animals and botanicals are what she naturally gravitates toward. This sturdy medium, lends itself very well to creating organic and fluid forms. Laura's aim is to surprise and delight those that happen upon her art as it has been deemed truly unique and innovative. Her sculptures are completely outdoor safe and look great even in the snow.
Art with Heart! My ultimate desire is to capture the soul of my subject and give them substance and life.

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Hanging Out
Hanging Out
32x32x6in, C$525
1" &1/2" galvanized
chicken wire, Aluminum wire
72x36x6in, C$1,200
1" & 1/2 "
Galvanized Chicken Wire, &
Aluminum wire.