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Patricia A Banks Nanaimo, BC


Shipping Cost
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
We also offer an installment payment program and art installation services: contact us for more details.
About the Artwork

While enjoying my garden I noticed a variety of insects that I thought were wild bees. Blackberry flowers cascade over our fence and I took photos of them. The 'wild bees' were actually hoverflies, one of over 6000 species of hoverflies! Hoverflies are important pollinators and a 'farmer's best friend.' Their offspring eat aphids which are plant pests. While feeding on nectar and pollen the adults 'incidentally' pollinate the flowers. They are in the Syrphidae family and are exciting to watch hovering in place and zooming around in all directions. While they do not bite or sting, their looks vary widely and often mimic the colors of bees and wasps to scare off predators. Other differences include fly-like eyes with many segments and only one set of wings. Nature is fascinating!

Technique:Oil on Canvas
Styles:Fine Art, Realism
Contents:Flower, Plant, Petal, Insect, Invertebrate, Apidae, Pollen, Food, Fruit, Produce, Animal, Blackberry, Hoverfly, Nature
Details & Dimensions
Edition:Original, one of a kind artwork
Framed Size:13in x 17in
Unframed Size:12in x 16in
Weight:4.0 lb
Shipping & Purchase
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
Standard shipping is via Canada Post ground. Typically, packages sent within Canada are received in 5-12 days. For expedited shipping, please contact us for a quote.
A payment program is available with three equal installments- we can work together to support artists and your budget! Contact us for details.

Patricia A Banks

Nanaimo, British Columbia

""Listen with your eyes and I will tell you a story." I have traveled widely and been inspired by the magnificence and splendor of the natural environment. I endeavor to evoke the moods and emotional effects of atmosphere."

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