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Enrique Bravo

Barrie, Ontario

I am a fine artist, I have experience performing a wide range of artistic expressions and mediums that includes fine art, portraits and landscapes, cartoons and caricatures, comic and illustration, mural art, architectural renderings… My favorite medium is acrylic on any surface. I have had multiple influences in my work as an artist: Impressionism, classical realism, pointillism. What I like the most is to express spaces, and sensations of spatiality, perhaps because of my background as an architect, many times filled with human crowds, other times with only shapes and volumes that hint at the human presence.
For fine artist, paint is a pleasure of the senses, a physical and emotional need, in good and not so good moments

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Coming up!
Coming up!
5.3x8.3in, Sold
Pencil and watercolour on paper
31x24in, C$850
Acrylic on Canvas