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Susan Hull

Calgary, Alberta

I have always created both abstract and realistic work and I work on multiple paintings at once. Hiking influences my representational work and a desire for play, experimentation, freedom, and soulful expression drives me to paint abstracts. The yin and yang of control and freedom keep me striving. Consistent in my work is curvy lines, yummy harmonized colours, movement and intriguing viewpoints. Our world is so complex, expressing myself through art is a way to share, replenish, process and continually learn.
I use mainly acrylic paint on either wood, canvas or paper to make marks, collage, apply photo transfers and glazes, and to draw.
I am humbled to live and create in beautiful Mohkinstsis (Blackfoot) Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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20x20in, C$400
Mixed Media on Canvas Wrap
Morning Wonder
Morning Wonder
16x20in, C$450
Acrylic on Canvas Wrap