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Angellos Glaros

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Everything is hand
crafted using many traditional joinery techniques
while using modern tooling. Whether it is a
kitchen/bath, reception desk or a fanciful sculpted
metal railing every piece is made with
attention to every detail.
Metal pieces are hand forged from very base
materials...plate steel, pipe, etc. Most pieces start
from a single sheet of plate steel and are cut out with a
plasma cutter or band saw.
Pieces are then heated in a forge until cherry red and then hammered to shape on anvils.
Angellos studied Fine Arts at DVSCA in Ontario and Nascad in Nova Scotia.
He works in many mediums: Wood, clay, marble and for the last decade, steel.
He has made numerous public art
I love to let the material speak to me and if I start with a set idea I will often work in different mediums to use what is best suited for that particular idea. Most often in steel but also wood, marble and clay

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Ocean Dreams
Ocean Dreams
23x14x7in, C$5,800
Juneper wood
21.5x16x16in, C$6,500
Spalted Western Maple wood