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Oksana Zhelisko

Edmonton, Alberta

Classically trained in Eastern Europe, Oksana began her career as an artist in L'viv, Ukraine. Oksana entered the Ivan Trush College of Decorative Arts in 1996. There, she studied all aspects of art and decided to make painting, especially of murals, her specialty.. Although aptly able to capture any image with an artist's eyes, Oksana's work as of late has revolved around the theme of woman in various stages, poses, and emotions. Oksana brings her training, skill, and passion to her painting, and she is versatile in expressive styles. She is adept at many genres, including portraiture, still life, landscape and urban landscape.
Nothing excites me more, than a blank canvas, where possibilities are endless and there is no end to creativity. Art is not what I do. Art is who I am.

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The Myopic Aether
The Myopic Aether
20x30in, C$2,500
Oil on Canvas
Chasing Inspiration
Chasing Inspiration
24x24in, C$2,020
Oil on Canvas