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Elizabeth A Bryant

Oak Bay, British Columbia

Elizabeth uses her own photos, or photos from friends and family, or paints a memory of some place or sight that she loved seeing while on different excursions in our beautiful country. That is not always easy, but she finds it fun to try, and feels it is very rewarding when it comes together.
Elizabeth has lived in BC, Manitoba and Quebec. She has traveled a lot but prefers to be home in Oak Bay near Victoria.
She moved to Oak Bay in 2004, and has been enjoying vocal lessons for a number of years, walking her dog, gardening and loves to paint.
Painting, a feeling coming to life on the canvas, and one hopes you like what you see at the end.

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Sunset, Lac du Bonnet, MB
Sunset, Lac du Bonnet, MB
22x28in, C$550
acrylic on canvas