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Priti Girgla

Oakville, Ontario

Priti Girgla is an Indo-Canadian artist who lives in the beautiful town of Oakville, Ontario, a town, rich in art and culture. Priti’s work has been influenced immensely by her country of birth India and her adopted country Canada. She translates her feelings, her memories and her experiences of life, nature and objects that surround her, into her paintings. She loves painting everything from landscapes, human figures to abstracts.

A background in Education and Community Resources Management, Priti is a full time professional artist now. Self taught, she has continued to hone her skills and develop as an artist. Priti has participated and won numerous awards in Juried Art Shows and in group shows in Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke and Toronto.
My Artwork is on the crossroads of Abstraction and Realism, of converging shapes , planes and lines.

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Landscape of my dreams
Landscape of my dreams
36x48in, C$3,000
Acrylic,Oil, Nepalese Lotka fibre
paper on gallery canvas
24x24in, C$875
Acrylic Mixed Media, Acrylic
Ink,collage, china pencil