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Leila Jomaa Issa

London, Ontario

Leila is a self taught acrylic and mixed media artist who has been self developing herself artistically for the last 15 years. Most of her work was done casually and considered pastime hobby works until recently, she seemed to grow into an official artistic calling.

She enjoys painting nature. The beauty of the overgrown lush leaves and foliage blasting with contrast in color combinations in perfectly harmonious yet chaotic scenes triggers a sense of awe and a feeling of gratitude that she is able to enjoy that experience.

Leila comes from a Lebanese Canadian background and lives and works in Panama. She also enjoys painting scenes that have called to her attention throughout her travels.
‘Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace’

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Colors of Colon
Colors of Colon
48x36in, C$2,500
Acrylic on canvas