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Tina Flux

Gibsons, British Columbia

Vibrant colours and simplified, bold shapes describe the paintings of acrylic landscape painter, Tina Flux. Her painting practice is built from a deep connection to nature and a true love of the painting process.

Tina lives on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia. She studied at the University of British Columbia and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has taken numerous art classes at local colleges and also enjoys taking workshops directly from respected artists. She lives in Gibsons with her husband, teenage daughter, son, and two entertaining dogs.

She enjoys listening to podcasts and music while she paints. She loves mushroom picking, puddle jumping, swimming in the ocean at sunset, stargazing, London Fogs, and genuine laughter.

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Dwell in Possibility
Dwell in Possibility
36x36in, Not For Sale
Acrylic on Canvas