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Donna Konstantin

Burnaby, British Columbia

Donna Konstantin lives in Burnaby, British Columbia. The vast and colourful heritage of her old European homeland gave her the basis of who she is today and living in North America has enriched her vision.

Her goal as an artist is to tell you what she sees and feels through paint. She uses acrylics or oil as a medium to express herself through a style that stems from her love for impressionism and an awe for the old school masters.

As an artist who enjoys painting, she also has affinity for poetry and prose. Her background is in engineering. She perceives these different interests not only as related but also as highly connected in the deepest sense.
It is her utmost wish to share the beauty she sees in the world around with people like you. If you enjoy looking at these paintings as much as she enjoyed making them, for her, that would be a success.

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Creyke Point in summer 2020
Creyke Point in summer 2020
16x20in, C$500
Acrylic on canvas board