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Pat McCloy

Burnaby, British Columbia

In 2009, on the advice of well-meaning family and friends, I signed up for a painting class. Once a week I was to take a break from a very difficult phase of my life. I didn’t make huge progress with my painting skills but I loved the social aspect, the supportive attitude of fellow students and instructors. I showed up, I kept at it.
Many years later and with many art classes under my belt, I have embraced making art. I have experienced being so present with my art that the rest of the world drops away. I want to keep that creative part of me exercised, confident, ready to be challenged.
My medium is acrylic, typical subject is landscapes.

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Reflecting on Jervis Inlet
Reflecting on Jervis Inlet
11x14in, C$300
acrylic on canvas
Joffre Lake
Joffre Lake
10x8in, Sold
acrylic on canvas