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Alex Greghi

Langley, British Columbia

Alex Greghi is an realist artist and an art educator. Originally Brazil, now lives and works in Langley, BC.
After years of learning, his advertising work lost focus and was replaced by the work as an artist/educator. Co-founder of Atelier Contraponto, where he taught drawing and painting. He also worked in Fundação Casa, a correction facility for minors, teaching drawing.
Now he teaches at the Langley Arts Council and at the Shadbolt Centre, in BC, Canada.
His work is realistic and pictorial, emphasizing the feeling of reality, not a simple copy of it. It strives for movement and subjectivity, through abstraction and a translation of reality.
Since 2006, Alexandre has participated in many exhibits in Canada, Brazil, and internationally.

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18x18in, C$500
Charcoal and soft pastels
on paper
Portrait of an Indian
Portrait of an Indian
13x9.5in, C$450
pastels on paper
16.5x9.5in, C$500
Oil on board
Old artist - portrait of Max
Old artist - portrait of Max
14.5x11in, C$1,300
Pastels on paper