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Suzanne Hernandez

Bolton, Ontario

Bolton, Ontario artist, Suzanne Hernandez was born with a disability due to Thalidomide. She began her art journey in April 2020 to escape the restlessness brought on by the COVID-19 restrictions. Her works include colourful and dynamic wildlife, florals, still-lifes, portraits and landscapes in watercolour as well as portraits in graphite that have found homes across Canada, the United States and South Africa.

Suzanne’s art is inspired by the colourful Impressionist paintings of Monet as well the colourful works of contemporary Open Impressionist Erin Hanson.
I’m often told that my work is soft yet vibrant. I love to paint the natural freedom of nature, the organic wildness and randomness of its forms. I love vibrant colours, and where a subject’s colours are muted, I often exchange them for vibrant oranges, yellows, yellow-greens, reds and pinks.

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River Thistles in the Sun
River Thistles in the Sun
16x16in, C$500
Watercolour on hot pressed paper
Parrots in Gaudi’s Gardens
Parrots in Gaudi’s Gardens
12x16in, C$435
Watercolour on hot pressed paper