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Irina Bakumenko

Kelowna, British Columbia

I am a customer-oriented and highly organized watercolor Artist with 3 years of related work experience at her company BeeblagoArt.

I started painting with watercolors in 2016 and has developed my freelancer’s carrier as artist when I moved to Canada in 2019.

Watercolor technique gives me the opportunity to constantly experiment, moving from transparent, light images to dense multi-layered fills. I love watercolor for all the wonders that it does with water, for the possibility of creating hundreds of color options.

My approaches to watercolor painting is largely inspired by travels around the world and interest to architecture and historical buildings which you may find reflected in my art works.
I'm still looking for my style and place in the art world but what I know for sure is that I am grateful for the ability to see beauty and share it with others through my watercolor work.

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Harding House
Harding House
11x14in, Sold