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Laurinda Lee

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Laurinda Lee paints representational oil paintings that bring colour and light to everyday subjects that surround us all. She paints them in a close and intimate way that transforms her subjects into portraits that are vibrant, calming and evoke the senses.

Laurinda currently lives on the Canadian West Coast in the Fraser Valley, an area full of inspiration that feeds her passion. Her art reflects the beauty found in simple pleasures that abound in our daily lives. She lets that appreciation for life mold her vision so we can also share and reflect on these joys.

She continues to explore, study and refine the art that is uniquely hers.
My art is for the person who appreciates the simple things in life, yet loves adding richness to their soul.

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Spot Prawns
Spot Prawns
16x16in, C$500
Oil on gallery canvas
Pale Gold
Pale Gold
12x12in, C$350
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
A Peeling
A Peeling
10x10in, C$275
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas