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Laura Beaton

Brampton, Ontario

Laura is a Toronto born international award winning visual fine artist whose art is a fusion of aspects and styles from Chinese Brush Painting and western mixed media abstracts. She creates works that are representative of the differences and similarities among cultures.

Laura's roots are in Scottish bagpipes and English high tea. Introduced to the Chinese culture at a young age, her creative curiosity was propelled by the Chinese Brush Painting on an antique tea wagon.

When she transforms inks and rice papers into art, Laura depicts an imaginary world of zen and relaxation that say ‘I Am Canadian!”. Those qualities can be seen throughout her mixed media abstract acrylics.

Laura's art is in international private/permanent collections.
I am in constant wonder of the intersectionality of cultures and I maintain a role as that of a “quiet activist” when ink meets paper and paint meets canvas. My art supplies are a cross-section of cultures, urging the viewer to look beyond what they see.

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Water Logged
Water Logged
11x14in, C$625
Abstract Acrylic on 300lb cold pressed
water colour paper; Birch Gallery Panel Substrate
Eye Spy
Eye Spy
12x12in, C$650
Mixed Media Acrylic (gels,
gold glitter) on Canvas