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Kat Goetz

Warfield, British Columbia

Surrounded by the untamed beauty of the area around Warfield, BC, where she lives, nature informs most of Kat’s work. Her landscape linocuts are interpretations of remote or little-known areas in her immediate surroundings, or of more distant places visited, which resonated with her deeply. (Her ongoing Heron Road series is inspired by a road trip along the back roads of Canada and the USA, west coast to east coast and back – a year-long journey Kat and her husband made while living in a small truck camper from 2016-2017).

A printmaker since 2007, Kat’s reduction linocuts feed her ongoing curiosity to discover how far she can push a traditionally graphic medium to produce images with a subtler, dreamlike quality.
Let me show you a beautiful place. Let me give you a sense of what it feels like to be there…

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Leighton Lake
Leighton Lake
7.5x9.5in, C$105
linocut on archival paper