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Shandra Stephenson

Vernon, British Columbia

An analog collage & alcohol inks artist, with a lifelong obsession for
thrifting that started with trips to local second hand stores with my mom. Over the
years I discovered a passion for vintage magazines and old photo books, which led me
to the world of collage!
I hand source all the images in my pieces. The time and thrill of searching and sourcing
images is a huge part of my artistic process. The magical and wonderful part of
combining collage and thrifting is not knowing what you'll find each time. That's why all
my images are originals. It's also about sustainability, curiosity, and encapsulating a
time and feel, which I believe comes through in my artwork.
Re-assembling and re-imagining what we know and what we think we know to create new meaning and feelings.

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City of Rebirth
City of Rebirth
11x14in, C$425
Mixed media Collage
10x10in, C$400
Mixed media Collage
Poolside Shadows
Poolside Shadows
9x12in, C$425
Mixed Media Collage on Wood canvas w/resin