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Patricia Langevin

Calgary, Alberta

Patricia Langevin creates colorful abstract paintings that seek to reconnect with a sense of play and embrace the unexpected. Her acrylic paintings are expressionist in style and are characterized by bold and dynamic brush strokes along with mark making that create pathways for the eyes and mind to wander. Cloud formations, landscape vistas and botany are primary influences in her art.
To convey emotions and a sense of play, Langevin begins each painting with spontaneous drawings using graphite or wax crayon. She Adds translucent layers and scrapes through the paint creating a rich history. As layers build and a composition starts to emerge, her brush strokes become more intentional until the painting has achieved a balance between spontaneity and control.
Abstract painting is freeing and allows me to express unseen emotions and energy. Through gestural brushstrokes, building layers and mark making, my goal is to evoke that freedom, infuse a sense of wonder, and bring a joyful experience to the viewer.

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Rising Above
Rising Above
36x30in, Not For Sale
Acrylic, graphite, pastel and pencil on wood panel
Warm Breeze
Warm Breeze
16x16in, C$450
Acrylic, graphite, pastel and pencil on wood panel