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Dina Belaia

Toronto, Ontario

Dina started her visual art training at an early age while living in Russia. As a teenager she joined the Analytical Art Studio, and still follows this school and artistic method for 30 years. In Canada, she continued her studies and graduated in Visual Arts from York University. She works as an illustrator and graphic designer and even a face/body painter and a muralist, as well as a fine artist. Dina is a practicing artist who has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, where her works received numerous merit awards and prizes. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a Board member of the Toronto Chapter.
Look inside. Be interested not in the face of the clock, but in the inner mechanism to understand progression of time.

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12x12x1.5in, Sold
Mixed media (print paper
collage, graphite, acrylic)
on canvas
Leo Naphta
Leo Naphta
13x10in, C$450
Graphite, white pastel
on grey paper
Pay your fee, says Charon
Pay your fee, says Charon
9x6in, C$500
Mixed media on paper
8x8in, C$300
Graphite, markers on paper,
on wood panel
Vicious Cycle
Vicious Cycle
8x8in, Sold
Watercolour, graphite on
paper, on wood panel
Never Met (Adam & Eve)
Never Met (Adam & Eve)
16x10in, C$500
Graphite on paper