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Eric Goldstein

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver-based Eric Goldstein’s long and productive career as a cinematographer has strongly influenced the art forms that he explores.

Eric has directed the photography on over 65 features and televised movies. Eric’s distinct cinematographic style has garnered numerous awards: including an Eastman Kodak Excellence Award; a Gemini Award and several BC’s Leo Awards,.

Eric honed his skills as a fine artist at Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout his filmmaking career Eric remained contemporary in the language of art with his metal sculpture, painting, commissioned furniture and artistic fences. Currently, he is using mixed media to build canvases that are graphically influenced and have strong, architectural rhythms
"My intent is to capture the pondering presence we get from nature, not as it appears but as it feels to experience: incomprehensible, indescribable, and often very chaotic."

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The light in My Room
The light in My Room
30x40x2.5in, C$3,200
mixed media/ canvas
December Nights
December Nights
30x40in, C$3,200
Mixed, on wood panel
Street Addresses
Street Addresses
30x40in, C$3,600
string acrylic,glass tile,goldfoil, on canvas
View of the Bay
View of the Bay
30x40in, Not For Sale
mixed, glass title string acrylic, on canvas board