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Sue Daniel

West Vancouver, British Columbia

Sue Daniel came to Canada during the Hungarian revolution in 1956. Confidence, freedom and a fierce independence are critical components that live in all her works, shaped and driven by memories of struggle. After travelling extensively and living in Turkey, England, California and Montreal, she now resides in West Vancouver, Canada, and works there in her own purpose-built studio.
Sue works in oils to depict and reflect the drama she finds in nature and life. She studied at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, completed a mentorship under Dene Croft (past president of the FCA), and a residency in Juseu, Spain.
Like other abstract impressionists, Sue believes the artist consciously drives the creation process while taking creative risks.
Art, for me, is a way of capturing the essence of my feelings and inspirations through fluid shapes, translucent and bold colors. I aspire to create art that is not anything recognizable, not contrived, not anything describable, an abstract construction that just makes you feel.

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Dancing On The Edge Of Time
Dancing On The Edge Of Time
72x60in, C$7,200
Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
Beach Party
Beach Party
60x48in, C$4,800
Oil on canvas
Life Journey - Dancing On My Own
Life Journey - Dancing On My Own
40x30in, C$2,100
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
40x30in, C$2,300
Oil on stretched canvas