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Golfo Tsakoumis

Vancouver, British Columbia

An immigrant from a picturesque seaside village in Greece to Canada’s majestic westcoast, Golfo has evolved as an artist over the years and her different artistic projects reflect her rebirth at various stages of her life. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother and this, as well as her European heritage, are both her greatest inspiration, and greatest motivation, in creating art.

Golfo’s initial foray onto the creative expression stage began in 1985 as the owner of Golfo’s Flowers in Vancouver. Her floral shop quickly became a favourite amongst the local community, with unique and quality arrangements that showcased her passion and flair for making living art.
Intuition is always my guide when I'm at the easel.

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Roses, buds and brunches
Roses, buds and brunches
30x30in, C$2,000
30x30in, C$1,200
Acrylic on canvas