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Nancyanne Cowell

Victoria, British Columbia

Nancyanne Cowell is well regarded for her powerful atmospheric landscapes in Expressive Tonalism. Her heart longs for the rhythms of nature. Through introspection, she poetically paints through thoughts, memories and sublime experiences with nature. Combining timeless and progressive techniques, Cowell skillfully paints the modern landscape with the lost-edge technique of the nineteenth century, tooled textures and mesmerizing transitions of pulled pigment.

Cowell was granted the Award of Distinction for painting from the University of Victoria. Selected by Canada’s Research Chair and recipient of the Canada Council Arts Molson Prize, a complete series of Cowell's paintings is academically published. Cowell also produces collections that exhibit in public galleries. Her award-winning artwork is collected in major private, corporate and institutional living spaces.

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12x12in, C$500
Oils on canvas
Towards You
Towards You
36x36in, C$2,800
oil-mixed media on canvas
Among Wings
Among Wings
38x36in, Sold
oil & encaustic, canvas-wood
Unveiling Joy
Unveiling Joy
34x40in, Sold
oil & encaustic on canvas-wood
Fusing Love
Fusing Love
60x36in, Sold
Oil on canvases