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Tami Hort Lathwell

Airdrie, Alberta

Being artistic is a gift, beginning at a very young age it's as natural to me as writing. As instructor for Homeschool Gr. 1–12, adults/seniors' art enrichment & assisted living I believe anyone can be taught to become an artist.
I love to paint all genres & mediums, versatility of creation defines me, my style has many dimensions! My hope is that the art I create is interesting & colourful. EXPRESSIVE PORTRAITS; warm with emotion & likeness, FIGURES; who tell a story, LANDSCAPES; that capture beauty in the places you recognize, STILL LIFE; realistically rendered. ART; where you the observer is drawn in and can relate to. Each piece as unique as the individual who views it.
”Life is like a painting, subject to interpretation. Exceptional beauty surrounds us & as an Artist I am privileged to portray this colourful dimension.”

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Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure
8x10in, C$275
oil on board
Candy Apples
Candy Apples
8x10in, C$225
oil on board