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Larry Achtemichuk

West Vancouver, British Columbia

Comments about my work often reference strong contrasts and colours and the balance between detail and impression.

I live in West Vancouver, BC. and am a Life member of the North Shore Artists Guild and have Active Member status in the Federation of Canadian Artists.

I paint almost exclusively in oils, and primarily use painting knives in my work. I enjoy the way they allow me to simplify certain passages in my work.

My works have sold privately, through the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, at North Shore Artists Guild exhibitions and shows, from my studio and via my website.
Most of my work are landscapes which reflects my fascination with the natural world around us, which is much more than attractive vistas. It has to do with stories of place, mood, memories and connections.

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A Great Day
A Great Day
18x24in, Sold
Oil on Canvas
Over View 1
Over View 1
18x24in, Not For Sale
Oil on Canvas
16x20in, Not For Sale
Oil on Board