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Anastasia Meicholas, Artist

Not For Sale

Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
We also offer an installment payment program and art installation services: contact us for more details.
About the Artwork

As a woman who started life in The Bahamas, I grew up surrounded by the ocean. Spending time near the ocean was a greatest pleasures I shared with my older brother, it was what connected us. Unfortunately, laws in The Bahamas do not protect an individual from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Being different in this way is not accepted. In my quest for a fuller, richer life as a lesbian, I decided to immigrate and leave the country of my birth behind. The very ocean that my brother and I shared such a deep fondness for, separated us. Leaving, so that I could have a chance at living my life openly, left an unfathomable emptiness and pain in me. My brother ,my hero and my source of motivation to continue to fight to be who I am and who I need to be. In Dream, the ocean symbolizes the beginning of life. The rose is symbolic of the love, respect and admiration for my brother. Knowing that he was supportive of my choices gave me the strength to keep moving forward. Leaving The Bahamas to start again had me torn as I had to leave my “Big Brudder” behind.

Technique:Acrylic on Gallery Canvas Panel
Details & Dimensions
Edition:Original, one of a kind artwork
Unframed Size:30in x 30in
Frame:Not framed
Weight:5.7lbs (estimated)
Shipping & Purchase
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
Standard shipping is via Canada Post ground. Typically, packages sent within Canada are received in 5-12 days. For expedited shipping, please contact us for a quote.
A payment program is available with three equal installments- we can work together to support artists and your budget! Contact us for details.