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Olivier Salvas Vancouver, BC


Shipping Cost
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
We also offer an installment payment program and art installation services: contact us for more details.
About the Artwork

“Flamboyance” is one of the paintings created for my “Flamboyant” project, speaking about the cause of the visibility of LGBTQ2S+ people in the workplace and in media. “Flamboyance” is a piece that showcases that Queerness is visibible and it is ok to be free to be who you are without having to comply with heteronormativity . It was done after I was reflecting on how many times some friends and I have been told to “tone it down” at work, basically telling us we were too flamboyant and that it wasn’t good for business. The colours used are inspired by

Exhibition: 2021 NOW Exhibition
Date:May 2021
Technique:Acrylic on Canvas
Styles:Abstract, Fine Art, Conceptual, Modern
Contents:Life, Love, Queer, Lgbtq, Bright, Positive, Abstract
Details & Dimensions
Edition:Original, one of a kind artwork
Unframed Size:36in x 24in
Frame:Not framed
Weight:5.5lbs (estimated)
Shipping & Purchase
Free pickup is available from our Vancouver Gallery, or shipping can be provided for additional cost.
Standard shipping is via Canada Post ground. Typically, packages sent within Canada are received in 5-12 days. For expedited shipping, please contact us for a quote.
A payment program is available with three equal installments- we can work together to support artists and your budget! Contact us for details.

Olivier Salvas

Vancouver, British Columbia

Olivier Salvas is a contemporary artist and educator who created conceptual work based on the theme of identity, social justice and environmental issues.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela"

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