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Denise Tonner

Vancouver, British Columbia

Denise Tonner has a background in printmaking and has sold hundreds of original monotypes, etchings and paintings.
She has a degree in linguistics and worked for many years as an ESL instructor in a university setting. That work has given her a fascination for languages and cultures. She has taken many courses at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and also completed online classes in illustration. Currently, she primarily creates images using printmaking inks and watercolour. Her images can be described as charming, quirky and fun.

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a great adventure
a great adventure
18x14x1.5in, C$375
mixed media on cradle board
flying tortoise
flying tortoise
10x10x1.5in, C$250
multimedia, Arches w/c paper
6x3in, C$250
etching with chine-collé on Reeves BFK