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Winson K Chiu AFCA

Vancouver, British Columbia

Winson Chiu, AFCA (, is an award-winning self-taught artist and visual arts educator from Hong Kong, with over 20 years of experience. He has been the founder of The 8th Dimension Comic studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada since 2003.

Chiu specializes in realism, capturing the beauty of nature with true-to-life expression. His artworks often depict fruits, vegetables, flowers, insects, and antique utensils, which he believes evoke simple yet beautiful memories in his audiences' minds.

In the past, Chiu was selected as the Artist in Residence for the Vancouver School Board, and his paintings were featured in exhibitions hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists. Through his art, he offers a new and compelling perspective on our surroundings.
We draw with our eyes, not our hands.

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