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Thank you to the patrons who support Canadian artists - you are the other half of the equation! Without your passion for seeing beauty in the world, professional artists couldn’t survive. This is your night to be recognized.


In addition you a private opening artist Louise Nicholson, will offer up a Live Group Painting, where you can take a paintbrush and make your mark on canvas. Guests can work together to create an energetic and unique painting which will be completed that night.


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The Federation Gallery hosts a new exhibition every two or three weeks in order to provide you with the unparalleled choice.  

 Upcoming Exhibitions:  
emerging 2019 How does an artist navigate a painting without a planned final product? What does it look like when the finished result emerges organically and isn't copied precisely from life?
medal show 2019 Signature members are offered their own three-week long exhibition and competition. Signature Status with the FCA stands for the highest level of excellence achieved by the individual artist. The coveted FCA Medals will be awarded in bronze, silver and gold
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Make memorable moments this season with original artwork from over 100 Canadian artists. Do you have something for everyone on your list, yet? This exhibition has a variety of styles, colours, and subjects for everyone - naughty or nice!


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1241 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6H 4B7


Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm
or by appointment

The Federation Gallery is operated by
The Federation of Canadian Artists
Charity 11891 3920
For more information about the Federation
please visit the artists.ca website